Nifty How Things Vary

In the last three years, I’ve been to everything from 350+ guest weddings with ceremony, hor d’oeuvres, and banquet to small-ish wedding with a catered dinner. Both types are equally as fun and offered ways to cut costs.

Tips from helping in these weddings —

350+ Guests:

  • family/friends helped out wherever possible (sign in, ushers, emcees, dj, etc)
  • alcohol was purchased directly from the supplier, no middle man mark up

Small Wedding:

  • proactive family — catered meal but family helped serve, family made sure drinks were flowing, converted the ceremony area to the dance area, prepped centerpieces, helped setup the decorations beforehand, etc.
  • photographer, no videographer
  • affordable location – local community center

A lot of the cost cutting I’ve seen have revolved around finding the right people to help you with your big day.


You may also consider having your bridesmaids buy non-traditional dresses. As far as the dress and bridesmaids, make sure you check the clearance racks at the expensive bridal stores before trying cheaper options.

I got a $1000 gown and was expecting to pay up to $800, but it was on clearance for $299. I know you can get a gown for $100 or $200 at some places, regular price but it’s way better to get a $1000 gown for $299. Mine was stunning. Same with bridesmaids dresses, especially if you don’t need them to match perfectly. Overall, just don’t worry about impressing people. They really don’t care, believe me. And a lot of people are kind of put off by really fancy over-priced weddings.

I know we are.

We’re always commenting “they’re going to be paying for this for years.” People will think you are smart and not over-doing it and trying to impress if you are thrifty.

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