Following the Hype For A Nifty Wedding

When you look at all of those fancy wedding blogs and magazines you will probably feel pretty low if you can’t afford all of the fancy things that are being hyped. But are they really that great?

Probably not.

A wedding doesn’t need to follow the trends or even have a theme to be nice. It is nice because it is nice. And what that means is that you can’t salvage a wedding that was not meant to be by throwing money at it. Nor does that mean that you can ruin one that is meant to be by not having all of the fancy trinkets. Trinkets that your guests will not even pay attention to.

When you get married, get married for yourselves.

Should I Follow Trends

I wasn’t going to make this into a section. Why?

Because it can be answered in just a couple of words.

No, you should not.

Follow your heart instead.

And now for an example.

Rustic Weddings

A couple of years ago, rustic was a fad, which meant it was the thing to have. That meant that all of the wedding invitations that you found were rustic. If they weren’t directly rustic wedding invitations they were some how related to it.

These weddings, while they might sound affordable, are actually quite expensive. You need to do a lot to make the wedding feel authentic. And this will cost you more than you think. I saw a chart that compared the cost of several popular wedding themes. The rustic wedding was definitely at or above the American average.

That being said, if you feel that $25,000 is too much to spend for a rustic wedding then you aren’t alone.

One of the reasons why a rustic wedding was in fact rustic was because it took some of the ideas that were common in country weddings. A country wedding is more like a big family gathering, in this case it was a union of families.

And that wasn’t supposed to be expensive.

Affordable Weddings

If you have been to country weddings you will know that it is more like a potluck.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term, a potluck is a gathering where the guests bring some food. Usually they are not told what to bring.

So how does a potluck wedding work?

Much like the potluck lunch at work you’re going to get a few people who actually try and bring delicious trays of homemade dishes, you’ll also get a guests who bring potato chips and cookies from the local grocery store. This isn’t bad, but the ones that really try here will be praised, as they watch their food being gladly spooned onto the plates.

As I just mentioned some guests will be bringing delicious food. The majority, however, will not.

Can it work?

I’m not saying it can’t work, clearly it does for some people. But if you want it to work you have to take an active part in determining/deciding/assigning what part of the meal everyone brings. Or if you want to really take over plan a menu.

I know that this sounds counter intuitive so let me explain.

When you organize a potluck wedding plan what you want to have as your main meal. Then ask your parents and the parents of your significant other to help you prepare. Out of the three groups you can seriously make it a meal to remember, and with the couple other dishes you can ensure that nobody goes hungry.

Making the most out of your big day doesn’t mean eating a hole in your wallet, taking out a loan, or burning your down payment on a home. A wedding is about your union and that is all.

Need proof?

Then the Inspired Bride can show you just how amazing these wedding receptions can be.

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